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How to Arrange Pages for Booklet Printing

Published on 24th February 2022

Even in the current digital age, booklets remain an effective way to promote products and services. An attractive booklet will be readily noticed by members of the public and can be an easy way to draw in new customers. In addition, brochures are a cost effective sales tool that is perfect for small businesses on a low budget. There are many benefits to booklet printing so long as you know the way to organise them. Therefore, here is our guide on how to arrange pages for booklet printing.


Benefits of Printed Booklets

  • They can be any size or thickness you choose from. In addition, you can bind them in consecutive order easily via reader spreads.
  • Printed booklets are a simple and cost effective way to promote brand awareness to your customers.
  • They are an extremely useful promotional tool when it comes to marketing new products, special offers and a full catalogue of products or service.
  • Provide targeted information to your customers. By aiming your booklet at a target market, you will generate more sales.


Planning Out Your Booklet

  1. First, follow these artwork guidelines to come up with creative and exciting marketing tools to promote your business. If you do not have access to a professional graphic designer, then we can help you out with our in-house design services.
  2. With your artwork ready, use this templates guide to come up with layouts for your booklet.
  3. Make sure the pages are single facing and in consecutive order: one on the left and one on the right. It should follow this format: front cover, inside front cover, inside pages, inside back cover, and back cover. If you wish the backs of the covers to remain blank, then include the second and second last pages as blank pages.
  4. Choose the binding type you want for your booklet. Options include saddle stitching, perfect binding, spiral binding and wire binding.
  5. Put down your page numbers in the way corresponding to the order the pages are facing. Even pages should have their page numbers on the left hand side while odd pages should be numbered on the right.


Types of Booklets Offered

Here at Printech Express we offer a wide range of options for printed booklets. Choose from single or double sided leaflets to a variety of folds and finishes. We use premium 170gsm silk paper, ensuring your booklet has the best available weight, thickness and durability. These features guarantee that your brochure will last a long time while standing out from the crowd. Whether you are a business, an educator or simply want to promote your own service or product, we can create bespoke booklets for you at affordable rates.


Printech Express

Here at Printech Express we have over 20 years experience designing and supplying professional, high quality printed materials. To find out more about our green printing solutions we invite you to visit us online or get in touch today

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