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Published on 15th April 2021
With business becoming increasingly digital, it might seem that business cards are an old-fashioned formality. Why would you invest in print when there are digital marketing tools out there to get the job done?
Published on 15th April 2021
As a busy marketer, managing your print requirements can represent a significant drain on your time. Our Top 10 Tips could help you to avoid costly mistakes, protect the quality of your brand, avoid data breaches, and get ahead of any price increase. 1. The correct advice First and foremost, w…
Published on 11th March 2021
by Printech Express
Traditional marketing methods still work including methods such as business leaflets. Despite being one of the oldest marketing methods, even today they are still a good way to promote your business.
Published on 19th February 2021
If you are in need of top quality printed material for your business then using a printing service is the best way to go. Printing services have the tools and experience to create a range of designs while saving you time and resources. That said, there are pros and cons to be aware of..
Published on 14th December 2020
A business brochure can act as the centre piece for your marketing material, featuring all the essential details of your offering in one piece. That means you have to take some time to plan it correctly to ensure the finished product turns out exactly how you envisioned it. Here are some top tips fo…
Published on 30th November 2020
With Christmas round the corner, it offers the perfect opportunity to reach out to existing clients, suppliers and others in your business network to say thank you and show your appreciation. While it’s easy to do over e-mail, it can feel quite impersonal. But as an alternative, sending a Christma…
Published on 21st October 2020
Spot UV and foiling are two great ways to add a fresh and exciting finish to your print materials. If you’re not sure what they are or why you should consider using them, we’ll explain everything you need to know below.
Published on 18th September 2020
Disposable printed placemats can be printed in a variety of different styles and make for a more hygienic alternative to traditional mats. In the coronavirus age cleanliness is more important than ever and disposable placemats offer the perfection solution, allowing you to update menu details and pr…
Published on 13th August 2020
When it’s time to put together a new brochure, one of the first decisions you have to make will be about the type of binding used to hold the pages together. There are two options available – saddle-stitch and perfect bound but what’s the difference? We explain everything you need to know belo…
Published on 22nd July 2020
Printed booklets remain a popular marketing tool for businesses of all sizes as they are a cost-effective way to promote your brand. From product catalogues given away at tradeshows to mailshots sent out to thousands of customers, booklets can be effectively used in a variety of ways to provide a sn…
Published on 9th June 2020
There is hope that as we ease out of the lockdown, businesses can start to reopen and find some sort of normality again after the past few months of COVID-19. When companies do restart they will need to follow stringent social distancing guidelines in order to maintain the safety of staff, customers…
Published on 30th March 2020
Branding consistency isn’t just key for the brochures, leaflets and marketing material produced to promote your products or services. Ensuring your business stationery also features your branding and business details will create a professional image and keep you in the mind’s eye of your custome…
Published on 19th February 2020
In today’s world we all have to look at ways to work leaner and greener and that is especially true of schools who need to make the most of their resources. In this blog we are going to pass on some top tips for greener school printing to help you save money without losing quality.
Published on 31st January 2020
Even in today’s advanced digital age, posters are still one of the best ways to get across your message without spending a fortune. In order to get the most out of them you need to ensure the design is up to scratch. To help you with this, here are 5 design tips for school poster printing.
Published on 18th December 2019
With so many different binding options available it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between them and identify the benefits of each one. Wiro binding (also known as spiral bound) is a binding process that remains very popular in schools, colleges and universities for a number of reasons. …
Published on 4th December 2019
Standing out at an exhibition doesn’t have to be expensive, there are plenty of ways to stand out even on a small budget. From stand design and banners to leaflets and branded merchandise, there are so many marketing options available, therefore it’s important that the money you do spend…
Published on 12th September 2019
Your yearly school prospectus needs to win over the hearts and minds of parents and students alike, telling them why they should spend key parts of their education at your school.
Published on 1st August 2019
With every passing year there are new graphic design trends that become popular with schools. We’ve listed some of the best for 2019 that can be used in prospectuses and marketing being produced for the next school year once pupils return from their summer holidays. Bold colours This is …
Published on 25th June 2019
School certificates hold special memories for the recipient long after they have left education and grown up. Here is everything you need to know about printing school certificates. What does school certificates normally include? Certificate title The certificate is the first thing your rec…
Published on 3rd June 2019
While the teachers and children are out for summer, the remaining admin staff working at schools are busy preparing for the next academic year. That includes putting together a brand new school prospectus that will convince parents to submit an application. Putting together a professional and …
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