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Artwork Guidelines

If you do not have access to a professional graphic designer, or are working to a tight deadline that simply cannot be missed, Printech Express have a complete design service available to use in-house. Combined with our print expertise, we can design creative and exciting marketing materials that will represent your brand with flair, while also keeping you to budget.

From flyers and brochures, to conference materials and more, we’ll ensure your brand stands out from the competition. The highest levels of quality control are applied at every stage of the process to meet your expectations and maximise its marketing potential.

You can provide artwork to Printech Express in a range of different files.

We accept: PDFs. And files created in: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

Please make sure you provide 3mm bleed all around with crop marks to your artwork file.  Use our Design Templates to help with this process to ensure that your artwork is supplied to the correct specifications:

PDF Files must be

  • High resolution (300dpi)
  • Set to “embed all fonts”
  • High “auto compression”
  • Provided as CMYK colours (rather than RGB)
  • What is Bleed? Template

Illustrator files must

  • Include all embedded images
  • Convert all text to curves
  • Be saved as a .eps file
  • What is Bleed? Template

Photoshop files should be

  • Set to a high resolution (300dpi)
  • Saved as .tiff, .jpg or .eps files
  • What is Bleed? Template

For InDesign files:

  • Please package the file into a folder
  • This ensures we have all the content used in your artwork, including fonts and photos
  • What is Bleed? Template

However you decide to send us your artwork, we ask that you also send a PDF copy for our reference.

Got a question about artwork? No problem! Feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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