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Green Printing Solutions

The Woodland Trust help mitigate our organisation’s carbon emissions by planting trees right here in the UK.

Our Carbon Footprint

Every year we work with partners to plant millions of trees across the country. Each tree planted will grow into a vital carbon store, helping to reduce your environmental impact. You can even get your hands dirty, with many partners sending out staff to take part in corporate tree-planting days.

Combating climate change isn't just about planting though. Partners also help us look after the existing woodland across the UK. These woods absorb hundreds of tonnes of carbon each year. Ensuring they continue to do so is vital.

How it works

More than 240 Paper customers have signed up to Carbon Capture, which utilises the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon scheme to mitigate the CO2 emissions generated by the production, storage and distribution of the paper they purchase.

An additional £8.50 is paid for each tonne of paper bought. This is passed on to the Trust to fund the planting of trees, which can absorb carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. 

56,938 tonnes of carbon have been captured through our partnership. That’s as heavy as 11,000 elephants or 11.3 billion sheets of A4 paper!

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