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How Having Personal Business Cards Can Boost Your Income

Published on 14th January 2022

With the rise of online marketing and social media, it's easy to imagine that printing has taken a back seat. And perhaps for some people it has - but those people are definitely missing a trick. One of the best and most cost-effective ways of promoting your business was always through personal business cards. And the truth is, nothing has changed.

Printech Express

Established in 1999, Printech Express provides a range of professional print solutions for a wide variety of clients. Experience tells us that in this digital world, print still matters and still has its place. So read on to discover how your own business could benefit from high-quality Print business cards


Though you may have endless amounts of information on your phone, you first have to find it. A printed business card can be kept in a convenient top pocket and produced at a moment's notice, especially if you are networking or bump into someone who expresses an interest or know someone they can recommend you to.

Real not virtual

Though the 'virtual' age has changed things, many people are now expressing a preference for hard copy items. A high-quality printed card can be kept in a wallet as a permanent reminder of your business details.


Business cards can be ordered in bulk at a price that's relatively low compared to other forms of marketing. So not only are they an effective promotional tool, but they're extremely cost-effective, too.


Printed business cards can be distributed in a number of ways, without necessarily being presented personally. Small stacks can be left wherever people are likely to pick them up, such as store counters or reception desks.


You don't need wi-fi to hand over a business card, which makes them ideal for areas with a poor signal. Those who benefit could include market stallholders, rural service providers or outdoor operatives.


Emails are wonderful business tools, but once they've been opened and read, they're frequently forgotten. A business card on a display, a notice board or even a fridge is visible far more frequently.


Business cards are essential for anyone who regularly attends trade shows or exhibitions. Attempting to swap contact details in a crowded, noisy atmosphere can be almost impossible. Swapping business cards is incredibly easy.

First impressions

A key benefit of personal business cards is the initial impression you can make on prospective clients or customers. A smart, well designed and professionally printed business card can mean the difference between yes and no.

Digital printing technology means business cards are no longer simply thick paper with writing on them. They can now be impressive miniature advertisements for your business.

Logos and colour images can be reproduced perfectly and printed on luxury matt laminated cards. These are items that potential customers will want to keep - and because they're laminated, they can.

For something different, silk business cards offer a smart contemporary look. Or if you're keen to protect the environment, a 100% recycled card could be the right option for you.

Take a look online at our business card printing services, or contact us today for some helpful advice.

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