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Cool Business Cards We Have Printed for Customers

Published on 15th April 2021

With business becoming increasingly digital. It might seem that business cards are an old-fashioned formality. Why would you invest in print? When there are digital marketing tools out there to get the job done? But dismissing business cards could be a big error. 

In fact, a high-quality business card is a powerful piece of marketing. The professional, yet personal nature of a business card. Can make all the difference in securing customers and clients. We all know a business card makes a great first impression. But the power of cool business cards go well beyond this.

The Power of Quality Print

Unlike an ad, a business card has staying power. High quality business cards rarely get thrown out. Meaning they can pack promotional power. Months after you’ve given them out. Customers can share your card with other people who are after your services. With all your branding and contact information in one place. Prospective customers won’t have trouble finding you.

So, professional and cool business cards can help you make a strong impression. Both in the short and long term. To get the most out of your design, you’ll want high-quality business card printing.

This is where Printech Express can help. At Printech, we offer various print finishes for business cards. No matter your brand or budget, you’ll find a professional finish right for you.

Our laminated, luxury matt cards offer a professional finish. Without breaking the bank. With less glare, our matt finish means your business card will be clear and colourful. Meanwhile, lamination increases the durability of the card. Helping it last longer and travel further.

Our silk paper cards have a light sheen, a nice medium between matt and gloss paper. Silk cards have a contemporary look, and a smooth, soft feel. The natural look, and carbon certification of this card is a great way to demonstrate your business’ environmental commitments.

Finally, our recycled business cards are a great choice for any business that puts green thinking first. Made from 100% recycled board, these cards offer a quality finish that’s easier on the environment.

Print Cool Business Cards with Printech Express

From our studio in Chelmsford, Printech Express have helped all kinds of companies create cool business cards. From hairdressers and builders, to corporate companies, our quality printing leaves everyone satisfied. No matter what sector, we believe that every business can benefit from well-made, well printed business card.

As well as our matt, silk and recycled printing options, we also offer a range of specialised printing options. These range from fluorescent print to foil embossing. We go the extra mile to ensure businesses create cards that express their full character. Be sure to browse our full range of business card printing services for yourself, or get in touch with us for a custom quote.

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