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How Business Leaflets Grow Brand Awareness

Published on 11th March 2021
by Printech Express

In this age of social media and digital marketing, it is easy to forget how effective traditional marketing methods like business leaflets can be. Leaflets are one of the oldest marketing methods still in use.  And still, a good way to promote your business.

The key to an effective leaflet campaign is how best to use them. Printing thousands of cheap leaflets and sending them to everyone you can think of may not be the best option; you need to consider quality over quantity in order to create a successful promotion campaign. So let us look more closely at some of the benefits of business leaflets, and what will make them successful.

Benefits of Business Leaflets

  • One of the biggest benefits of printing business leaflets is their relatively low price. The cost is much lower compared to other promotional media, and you can easily reduce the final outlay by adjusting the size, weight or finish of the paper. Whatever your budget, printing leaflets are a cost-effective method for promoting your business.
  • Leaflets can come in any size you need. Whereas other printed media such as posters and brochures are restricted in their range of sizes, leaflets are not limited by shape or size. You can easily design small leaflets for your clients while making larger flyers to distribute at trade shows. This versatility also allows you to create unique designs for your leaflets that will help them stand out from the crowd.
  • Thanks to the digital age, the availability of printing leaflets is instantaneous. Nowadays printed material can be created from a design on a computer screen within seconds. This has the added bonus of less wastage as well as the ability to print as many leaflets as you need depending on the type of campaign you plan to run.
  • You can use leaflets in a wide range of marketing campaigns. They are great for door-to-door postings.  You can also use them for fairs, events and business networking. They can also help generate word of mouth promotion from satisfied clients.

What to Include On Your Leaflets

When designing your leaflet you should keep these factors in mind:

  • Make sure it is eye-catching. First impressions are everything, so it is well worth taking the time to create a professional and attention-grabbing business leaflet.
  • Avoid using handwritten leaflets as these will cheapen the look of your campaign. Employ the services of professional printing services to help produce a striking printed leaflet.
  • Make sure the leaflet gets all your main points across. Keep your points simple and easy to understand.
  • Use bold and large type for your text, as people are less likely to read your flyer if the font is too small.
  • Avoid black and white unless necessary. Colour will stand out much better, although try to use two to three colours only to avoid making your leaflet look too messy.
  • Always put your business logo somewhere prominent on the leaflet.

Printech Express

At Printech Express we can print excellent quality business leaflets for you in any design you need. We offer a 48-hour turnaround on all orders plus free delivery. To find out more about our leaflet printing services contact us online or via phone today.

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