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How to Create Christmas Postcards for Your Business

Published on 30th November 2020

With Christmas round the corner, it offers the perfect opportunity to reach out to existing clients, suppliers and others in your business network to say thank you and show your appreciation. While it’s easy to do over e-mail, it can feel quite impersonal. But as an alternative, sending a Christmas postcard shows you value them far more. Here’s how to create Christmas postcards for your business this year.

Why should you send a Christmas postcard?

At the end of the trading year it’s a good idea to make customers feel like the money they spend with you is appreciated. You aren’t the only brand they use or shop with and it’s the companies who do that little bit extra that tend to stay in the forefront of people’s mind the next time they are looking to buy a service or product similar to yours.

It’s good customer service to say thanks and it creates a general good feeling about your business. Sending out Christmas postcards also keeps your branding out there as a reminder and will likely boost customer recommendations too.

Creating the right content

When talking about content, this means thinking about the message you want to put in the postcard and the words you want to use.

How you say thank you will depend on the type of relationship you have. Some may prefer to be a little more informal to appeal to the recipient’s human side away from business, while others may want to remain corporate while still saying thanks.

It can also be a good opportunity to add a little one-off discount as a thank you and to encourage them to continue using your services or purchasing from you in the New Year.

You’ll also want to have a large, clear header on the postcard that displays the overall message you want to give. It may be “Happy Christmas” or “Thank You” with the personal message underneath. Just ensure the design is clear and easily grabs the attention of the reader.

Who will be receiving the card?

You may not want to send the same card to everyone, as there will be different types of recipient.

For example, the message sent to a customer may be different to one received by a supplier. Similarly, those you have longer relationships with and are valuable to your business may also require a slightly more personalised touch to show your appreciation.

If you want to make postcards that are more personalised for certain people this will likely be a smaller proportion of the total amount needed, but a group that will still be very important.

Other things to consider

Sending a physical postcard is much more personal than a digital version and there are some other small touches that can make a big difference.

Using a first name is more direct and shows a human side that may not usually be shown when talking business. Sending a generic card with “Dear customer” won’t make them feel special at all and almost defeats the object of sending the postcard in the first place.

Depending on how many postcards you want to send, it may be a good idea to handwrite some of the message. This adds a personal touch that shows you have really taken your time to reach out to them to say thanks.

At Printech Express, we specialise in business printing for businesses across the UK. We can provide Postcards in a variety of sizes and finishes, matching your exact requirements – perfect for sending Christmas wishes and thank you messages. Our friendly team can talk you through all the printing options via Live Chat or over the phone on 01245 506066.

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