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A Guide to Printing Disposable Placemats

Published on 18th September 2020

Disposable printed placemats can be printed in a variety of different styles and make for a more hygienic alternative to traditional mats. In the coronavirus age cleanliness is more important than ever and disposable placemats offer the perfection solution, allowing you to update menu details and promote new offerings whilst keeping your customers safe, informed and well fed.

What to consider when printing disposable placemats


Keep the layout of the menu as simple as possible to avoid clutter and remember it’s important to focus on your main and most popular offerings. There’s no need to include every item you sell, ensuring you keep things simple for customers (this will also cut down ordering time and offer more booking opportunities).

If you have a design ready you can simply upload it onto our system and we’ll do the rest. However, for anyone who requires help with the design, get in touch with us, and our design team will be able to assist.


Managing overheads is important and every penny counts when it comes to branded printing. A good entry point is to use silk paper, which is a great way to ensure a high definition finish at an affordable price.

Uncoated paper placemats are available on a lower GSM, typically around 120gsm, and this is a good fit for traditional and rustic-style restaurants. They offer a nice tactile feel that feels great when handled by customers and can also be easily recycled once disposed of.

Another option are placemats made from Kraft paper, with a thickness just under 200gsm. Similar to uncoated paper they feel great to touch and remain just as hygienic and suitable for recycling. They may cost a fraction more, but the end result is more than worth it.


Generally there are four sizes and shapes used by most restaurants and eateries:

  • A4 Portrait
  • A4 Landscape
  • A3 Portrait
  • A3 Landscape

The size you choose should be based on four main criteria: the amount of food items you want to include, branding space, table size and budget.

It’s important to strike a balance between all four, as you don’t want too much or too little space provided for food options, branding must be simple and clearly visible, sizing dimensions must be practical for customers to use, while the cost will be impacted by the printed size (A4 or A3).


While the size plays a role in the overall cost, you should also consider the amount you need to order. The more you order in bulk, the more savings you will benefit from.

Using our silk disposable placemats as an example, an order of 25 A4 menus will cost only £20 (exc. VAT). If you increase this to 500, the price is only £56 (excl. VAT), while an order of 5,000 works out at a cost-effective £282 (exc. VAT).

Of course, if you regularly update your menu it may make more sense to order in smaller quantities, but if you serve a lot of customers, or rarely alter the menu, ordering a large quantity will save you money in the long run.

At Printech Express, we specialise in business printing for businesses across the UK. We can provide Disposable Printed Placemats in a variety of sizes and finishes, matching your exact requirements. Our friendly team can talk you through all the printing options via Live Chat or over the phone on 01245 506066.

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