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5 Ways Booklets Can Be Used To Promote Your Business

Published on 22nd July 2020

Printed booklets remain a popular marketing tool for businesses of all sizes as they are a cost-effective way to promote your brand. From product catalogues given away at tradeshows to mailshots sent out to thousands of customers, booklets can be effectively used in a variety of ways to provide a snapshot of your company. To help you get the most out of your marketing budget, here are 5 ways booklets can be used to promote your business.

Promotional booklets

A concise way of promoting the core offering of your business is through a promotional booklet. These can be anywhere from four pages upwards, giving an introduction to the company, establishing the brand and the essential products/services available to customers. They are ideal for trade shows and conferences, as well as being sent out to prospective clients as a follow-up to an introductory sales call. Promotional booklets are also great for marketing the launch of any new services and products you are about to bring to market. Thick cover stapled brochures are often used on small promotional booklets whilst a perfect bound spine is best for larger booklets.

Product catalogues

These are one of the most popular versions of printed booklets, especially if you have a wide range of products available. One of the main benefits of producing a printed product catalogue is they are physical items that encourage buyers to flick through and interact with your products – especially when designed and printed to a high standard. Use them to send as a mailer, offer to customers at tradeshows or use as a helpful sales tool for field agents. Larger product catalogues tend to go for professional-looking perfect bound booklets, while small staple bound booklets can look just as impressive.

Staff and training manuals

It’s important for new staff members to be aware of company protocols and procedures and producing a staff manual ensures they always have an official document to refer to. This establishes a certain standard of professionalism and acts as a very helpful support tool for new and existing staff. Booklets are also great for training manuals, whether it’s a newly installed system or method of working, or just as a reference guide that staff can refer to as and when needed. Wiro bound books typically work well for manuals as they are designed to be robust, withstand heavy usage over time and allow for more control over the content inside.

Community booklets

For companies of all sizes it has become increasingly important to highlight work done within the local community, charities and on environmental issues. Customers consciously look to work with companies that have the right ethical practices in place, and producing a booklet highlighting this side of your business can prove to be very beneficial to your brand image. Provide customers with information and images about the charitable work you do and how you are working to support the local community and environment. This type of booklet won’t require a high page count, so a staple bound spine will be the ideal option here.

Image booklets

Also referred to as coffee table brochures, this type of booklet is a great way to create powerful visual images that stay with readers. They work particularly well for businesses working in creative industries, but also for companies selling lifestyle products such as furniture, kitchens and interior design services. Produced with a silk or glossy finish to enhance the vibrancy of the colours, image booklets connect with people’s imaginations and establish your company as both visionary and inspirational.

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