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The Power of Printed Business Stationary

Published on 30th March 2020

Branding consistency isn’t just key for the brochures, leaflets and marketing material produced to promote your products or services. Ensuring your business stationery also features your branding and business details will create a professional image and keep you in the mind’s eye of your customers and commercial partners. Here’s how the power of business stationery can help your company.

Compliment slips

The use of a simple compliment slip can go a long way. Adding in a little message or thank you will make customers feel valued and confirm they made the right decision spending money with you. They are also extremely cost effective to produce and placing them into deliveries and packages adds a nice personal touch that builds trust with the customer. Compliment slips are compact in size (210mm x 99mm) and easy to store, while having a powerful impact where it matters.


While a lot of business communication is done electronically via email today, printed letterheads still retain a lot of value. Whether it’s sending out official communication to business partners, updating customers on policy changes or informing them of a new offer, mailing out a physical letter on official letterhead paper adds a weight of authority email cannot compete with. Letterhead paper makes the company look more professional and develops instant trust with the recipient as they feel they are dealing with a business that takes them seriously.

Business Cards

Today we may have Skype calls, virtual meeting spaces and various other non-physical methods of conducting business, but traditional printed business cards still play a pivotal role in bringing the commercial world together. Not only do they serve as a simple way to introduce yourself, they also help to make an impression on people – especially when they pick the card back up some time after first meeting. They offer cost effective branding, an easy way for people to get in touch and are a great way to secure valuable referrals.

Other types of business stationery

Letterheads, compliment slips and business cards are the mainstay of most business stationery, but there are other office and communication-led items that can be branded. Printed envelopes featuring the company logo or address on the reverse creates an instant impression, while invoice and receipt pads should feature company details so recipients can trust the document is being supplied by a reputable business. While these are not standard items provided by Printech Express, we have done so for a number of clients and have the capabilities to supply these where needed.

Legal requirements for business stationery

Perhaps most importantly of all, every business has a legal requirement to include certain details on official communication used to represent the company.

When designing a letterhead, you must ensure that the company’s full registered name is made clearly visible. This also applies to order forms, invoices, receipts, letters of credit and other forms of official documentation.

The Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Business (Names and Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2015 lays out the full requirements in more detail.

At Printech Express, we specialise in business printing for businesses across the United Kingdom. We can provide printed business stationary including letterheads, compliment slips, business cards and much more. We also offer a custom printing service for businesses looking for something more unique and bespoke. Our friendly team can talk you through all the printing options via Live Chat or over the phone on 01245 506066.

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