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6 Top Tips For Greener School Printing

Published on 19th February 2020

In today’s world we all have to look at ways to work leaner and greener and that is especially true of schools who need to make the most of their resources. In this blog we are going to pass on some top tips for greener school printing to help you save money without losing quality.

Print double-sided

Make the most of your paper by printing on both sides of leaflets and posters. It instantly reduces wastage and means you make the most of each sheet. Going double-sided also means you are able to get more information out to your audience as you now have two sides to work with. This is often a more cost-effective option as it doesn’t require the printing company to reset their presses to complete the job, giving you more value for money.  

Partner up with a green printing company

To make sure your stationery and marketing materials are produced without impacting the environment too heavily, it is worth asking some questions about your current supplier. If you produce posters, brochures, leaflets and other printed materials regularly, you will want to know they are produced as greenly as possible. At Printech, we partner with the Woodland Trust to reduce our carbon emissions through the planting of trees in the UK. So far almost 57,000 tonnes of carbon have been captured through this partnership, which is equal to a staggering 11.3 billion sheets of A4 paper.

Use recycled paper

Recycled paper offers many of the same qualities as non-recycled paper and ensures you retain the level of quality the school needs and expects for its marketing materials. While many years ago recycled paper may have been too porous and unsuitable, modern technology has ensured that is no longer the case – and it is also generally cheaper to buy than virgin paper.

Choose a lighter paper weight

Printing on a lighter weight paper (between 80gsm and 100gsm) is a very eco-friendly way to reduce your carbon footprint and ensure you are receiving fantastic value for money. You can still produce high quality print for most purposes and it will also help to bring down costs in the process. This can be applied to items such as letterhead paper, complimentary slips, folder inserts and more.

Send the right signals

If you are using recyclable paper for your stationery or marketing materials don’t be shy in letting others know! Be sure to include the recycling symbol to proudly demonstrate your efforts. It will go a long way to boosting the image of the school, and both pupils and parents who are conscious about the environment will be proud to be part of the school ethos.

Plan your distribution

Another major factor to consider is the distribution of the material once it has been printed and delivered. For materials that are being sent out to multiple locations it makes sense to plan these ahead of the drops, looking at modes of transport and the routes being taken. Also try to do it all in one go to save doing multiple journeys that will produce higher levels of emissions.

At Printech Express, we specialise in educational printing for schools and colleges across the United Kingdom. We can provide a variety of educational printed materials with numerous environmentally-friendly printing options such as printing on recycled paper or lighter weight paper, double-sided printing and more. Our friendly team can talk you through all the printing options via Live Chat or over the phone on 01245 506066.

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