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Benefits of Wiro Bound Manual Printing for Educational Reference Documents

Published on 18th December 2019

With so many different binding options available it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between them and identify the benefits of each one. Wiro binding (also known as spiral bound) is a binding process that remains very popular in schools, colleges and universities for a number of reasons. Here we explain the benefits of wiro bound manual printing for education reference documents.

Open access

Because of the way the wire is bound through the spine of the manual, it allows pages to be opened flat or at a 360 degree angle. Whereas perfect bound books will always naturally close themselves due to spinal tension, this type of binding gives the reader more options to multi-task. For example, it allows them the freedom to write in an exercise book while referring to the wiro bound document without having to worry about the pages closing every time they release their hands. Not only does it make studying far less frustrating but it also saves a lot of time.

More control over content

When printing a brochure that needs to be stapled or perfect bound, there are restrictions on the amount of pages you can insert. Because of how these types of materials are printed, you can only have an even number of pages inside – such as 16, 24, 32 etc. However, with wiro bound printing you can have as many or as few pages as you want, as each page is attached separately, giving you more control over the content inside.

Variety of finishes

From choosing a different colour wire, to creating a unique design for the outside cover, there are a variety of finishes available for wiro bound manuals. This allows you to create any number of variations depending on the subject matter inside. Size options are also plentiful, including A4, A5, A6, 210cm x 210cm and 148 x 148cm. Pages inside the manual can easily be taken out if they are no longer relevant in the future and the hard cover ensures durability and protection for the content inside.

Ideal for index tabs

If the education manual requires index tabs then a wire bound finish complements this type of layout perfectly. Reference documents often need to be divided into specific chapters or sections and index tabs can be inserted to make it easier for the reader to jump back and forth to the information they need. Because there is no need to manually keep the pages open it saves the reader time and energy, and by using colour-coded tabs for each section, it makes their work even easier to manage.

Professional finish

Education manuals need to have a clean and professional look, and the precise design of the wire used for binding ensures that this is the case. It also allows for the perfect registration of pages, which enables the pages to be aligned edge-to-edge when the manual is opened. If overlays need to be included, such as info-graphics, diagrams or layouts, it allows double-page spreads and crossovers to be included by making full use of the two full-page dimensions.

At Printech Express, we specialise in educational printing for schools and colleges across the United Kingdom. We can provide wiro bound manual printing in a variety of finishes, perfect for educational reference documents. Our friendly team can talk you through all the printing options via Live Chat or over the phone on 01245 506066.

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