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Top Design Trends For School Printing

Published on 1st August 2019

With every passing year there are new graphic design trends that become popular with schools. We’ve listed some of the best for 2019 that can be used in prospectuses and marketing being produced for the next school year once pupils return from their summer holidays.

Bold colours

This is a trend that has continued from last year. Using bold colours doesn’t just mean throwing together anything bright and colourful. Instead, go for daring combinations that blend together while still drawing attention to the key points of the design.

Line art

Grids, lines and squares have influenced graphic design work for the past 12 months and it looks set to remain that way for the remainder for 2019. Often referred to as ‘line art’, it is ideal for use with branding and creating strong, unique designs that will ensure the art used for your school printing really stands out.

Vintage designs

Retro designs are popular both inside and outside the graphic design world and it’s no surprise they are appearing in school printing too. It ties in perfectly with highlighting the history and tradition of the school, while also creating a fresh and exciting design that engages with the reader – especially parents you are trying to connect with.

3D brochures

The popularity of 3D printing continues to grow and as it becomes more affordable and accessible, the possibility of using it for school printing is more realistic than ever. They are ideal for brochures as they are tactile items that needs to be touched and have the pages turned, but 3D brochures make reading them even more immersive. And it will leave quite the impression on both parents and students.

Minimalist printing

Minimalist designs have been popular since the 50s and 60s and they can be used just as effectively as ever today. Using a small amount of design features to project the school’s image and message can really have a strong impact on readers. This is because it is easy to understand and engage with, and from the designer’s point of view, less time consuming to put together.

Geometric shapes

The use of geometric shapes for school printing help to make the material standout. Whether it’s triangular, square, hexagonal or rectangular, 2019 is the year to mix up the shapes to make the reader really take notice. As long as it isn’t done at the sacrifice of the content inside, this will prove to be a real winner.

Typography styles

Mixing up the typefaces used in design can have a very positive impact on school printing. Bold typefaces are trending now, it is popular to use a number of different styles all on one page, ensuring the reader takes note of each of the design elements. Not only is it more creative to put together, but you are likely to experience a much higher response rate.

Printing your designs

Once you are finished the design process, our team in Chelmsford, Essex can provide affordable printing with quick turnarounds. We offer low prices for a range of school printing products including prospectus printing, enrolment form printing, manual printing, roller banners printing, certificate printing and promotional posters.

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